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What Are The Facts?

A think-tank of intellectual and common people who's political affiliation span the spectrum.

Our mission is to debate and educate the public on important issues. We aim to supply more facts than speculation and to give the public a more accurate presentation of common debates taking place in the political arena. Some of our conclusions will not be ultimately "conclusive", but will hopefully shed some light on important mistatements and untruths that are meant to deceive the public. We hope to give you the most accurate information so you, the public, can make an educated decision and thus decide for yourself what is true.

Did President Bush lie about WMD's in Iraq?

Is Michael Moore's "Farenheit 9/11" factual?

Is the media politically biased?

What is the truth behind the Masons?

Do the Jews run the U.S.A?...the World?

Is "No Child Left Behind" a failure?

Is the NAACP now a partisan affiliation?

Who was actually elected President in 2000?

What does "" represent?

Is Coca-Cola killing people in South America?

What is going on with Halliburton?

Are Liberal celeberities being unfairly treated?